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Is Your Yoga Earth-Friendly?

Is Your Yoga Earth Friendly?


In line with the principle of Ahimsa, which translates as “non-harming,” as yogis we’re continually looking for ways to live in a peaceful way on and off the mat. This includes seeking ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

Living green and remaining in balance with nature is not just something to practice at home. We have a responsibility to try to live it in all we do, all over the…

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Is Your Head on Straight?

Is Your Head on Straight? Try these #YogaSparks to develop healthy posture… #yoga


Freeze! Don’t move and notice your posture.

Chances are–­­if you’re reading this on a computer, tablet or smart phone–­­your head and shoulders are hunched forward and your spine is rounded. Your neck, jaw and dominant arm may also be tense.

This common habit, known as “forward head posture,” can lead to a wide array of ailments–­­from headaches, neck and back pain, to problems with…

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Lululemon Pledges a Perfect Fit for Your Next Yoga Pants

Lululemon Pledges a Perfect Fit for Your Next #Yoga Pants

This is about as breaking as news gets in the yoga world, so we had to share.  Perhaps inspired by the infamous comments of lululemon’s founder, lulu’s latest product offering/innovation appears to be a yoga pant that fits any body, shape, or size…


Here’s the specs on the pants in case you’re still wondering whether this is a good…

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What I Learned About Life from a Prenatal Yoga Book…

What I Learned About Life from a Prenatal Yoga Book…

tumblr_mcmejpBZwu1qceubuo1_500I completed my 200-hour teaching certification just over two years ago this past January. As in most general 200 Registered Yoga Teacher trainings, we spent a very brief section of our time learning how to teach to pregnant women. Perhaps because I am not a mother, and have never been pregnant, I didn’t retain much of the information that I learned during that module of training.

So, when I was…

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Learning to Practice Yoga in Paris Without the Glamour

Learning to Practice Yoga in Paris Without the Glamour


I brought my yoga mat with me to Paris even though it cost me an extra forty bucks to take it on the plane. Sure, I could have just tossed the mat and gotten a new one in the city, but somehow that felt cruel. My mat had always supported me. Through work stresses, backaches, breakups, boredom and general life anxiety.

On the mat I’d allowed myself to really get present, to become more aware of…

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Growth is Uneven by Design

uneven yoga growthThroughout my life the spiritual truth that has resonated with me was one of unevenness–the concept that we do not grow at the same rate in all areas of our lives. Our growth is uneven by design. Take your life and visually divide it into four major sectors: finances, work, health and relationships. Which piece dominates your daily existence?

I share Anais Nin’s belief that: “We do not grow…

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5 Key Benefits of Being Positive

sunshine-positive-lululemon-yogaOur hearts are like a safe in the energy bank of our bodies. We each have our own security personnel in the form of a personal energy field that protects us and determines how we feel, think and function. This energy field ensures the safety of our hearts. And since energy is everywhere and in everything we should learn how to make ongoing positive deposits into our happiness bank account.

I have…

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Happiness Starts with this Habit

Happiness Starts with this Habit


We are taught at a very young age that it is our right to pursue happiness—and most of us try a little bit of everything all in an effort to become happy. We try making a lot of money; we try this or that diet; we get into this or that relationship; we serve this or that charitable organization—it’s all about happiness. Try thinking of something you’ve done because you wanted to be unhappy—it’s…

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10 Ways to Find Peace


1.  Get into your body. When we’re not feeling peace, it’s usually because we’re not feeling at all. We’re thinking. And we’re believing all these non-peaceful thoughts. We’re also feeding them with more energy.

  • So to stop feeding the thoughts, and feed peace instead, we drop away from the part of our brain in charge of thoughts and into the part of our brain in charge of physical sensation. Do…

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